An untidy house or apartment will make it impossible for the landlord to bring prospective tenants into the property. This is on the ground that any sign of filthiness will turn off potential tenants. End of lease cleaners are professionals in providing the best service to ensure the satisfaction of both the landlord and the tenant. They help landlords to increase the process of finding new tenants.

It is best for landlords to hire a professional end of lease cleaner to avoid losing. Hiring a professional end of lease cleaning company will not just benefit landlords but tenants as well. Having property looking alluring increases its value. Without wasting time organizing the space again, the new tenant can immediately move in, it also maintains a relationship between the tenant and the landlord.


  • Removal of dirt and debris
  • Cleaning garden, patio, and driveway
  • Stain removal
  • Thorough room and floor cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Windows, doors, and walls cleaning
  • Heater and air conditions cleaning
  • Removal of pest molds and infestation
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning

  1. Free Your Space

With these services, you can easily and effortlessly free your space from all the spots and grime.

  1. Professional Standards

Professional end of lease cleaning company use the combined efforts of working smarter and harder to ensure that the clients need is fulfilled. They know exactly what landlords are looking for in a clean. They cover a wide range of cleaning tasks depending on the size and the location of the property. There are so many things to worry about while cleaning and getting a property ready for the next tenant; hence, it is necessary to use the services of these professionals.

  1. Save Money

Hiring professionals are quite affordable than doing the job yourself. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you compare different end of lease cleaning quotes. Buying cleaning products and equipment to complete the cleaning process yourself may end up costing you more than the amount it will take you to hire professional end of lease cleaners. More so, if the property is on a large space, you may have to take time off work to do the job. This is not only time wasting, but also stressful.

  1. Standard Tools and Products

Professional end of lease cleaners are skillfully trained and experienced. They know precisely what the landlord is looking for, and will utilize the best tools and green products to deliver excellent results. They use commercial high-tech machines and environmentally friendly products to ensure safe and proper cleaning.

In order to make sure that your property is properly cleaned, you should initiate negotiations for a full cleaning package. Make sure you agree on how much the full payment would cost during your negotiations. Do not agree or make any payment unless you have a clarification of all of the cleaning services that are included in the package. You want to make sure that you get the best outcome from what you are paying for.

Renting a Home: A Guide for Tenants and Landlords

There exists a formal business relationship between landlords and the tenants. Therefore, each of the parties should be aware of their rights and obligations in the relationship. These obligations and rights must follow the Residential Tenancies Act, and both parties should be given a copy of the residential tenancy agreement and a condition report that is completed by the tenant and landlord/agent.


Guideline for the tenants

  • Do not sign the dotted line before you are sure of what you are getting into. Any formal notices and official communications from the agent or landlord must bear the name of the owner. To ensure the agreement has your interests:
  • Seek professional advice to iron out areas that are unclear
  • Keep a copy of the tenancy agreement after you have signed it
  • Check that the premises you are to be living are Use professional assistance to ensure that the house is in good condition
  • Before paying a bond, ensure that you fill and sign the Condition report and keep a copy of the same. Complete and sign the bond lodgement form and retain a copy. Keep the repayment receipts as it assists in getting the bond back.
  • For any issues, talk to the agent or the landlord before taking any further action
  • Subscribe to utility providers such as water, electricity, and internet. When leaving home, contact them to disconnect the same and pay the final bills.

 Guidelines for the landlords  

  • Read the tenancy agreement and retain a copy. Provide a copy to the tenant to read before signing
  • You must complete the condition report followed by the Bond Lodgment form.
  • Use the agreement to solve any disputes that may arise from time to time. If the disputes are not solved, you and the tenant may seek arbitration from relevant authorities.
  • Provide 60 days written notice of rent increases
  • Must not interfere with the tenants possession on the premise
  • To provide written notice when wanting to end the tenancy agreement
  • Notify the tenant for change of name and address of landlord or their tenant
  • Must not unlawfully evict the tenant
  • Take the relevant but legal steps in cases of gross violation of the agreement to avoid any litigation in future

Each of the parties should fulfill their obligation as regards to maintenance of the home as well as repairs. When everyone is playing his or her part, helps prevent disputes and ensures smooth relationships between the two parties.